There shouldn’t be anything unique in what we do.
It’s simply how recruitment should be done.

Everyone should expect honesty and integrity from their recruiter, but not everyone gets it. And with every candidate having personal goals and motivations, we believe you should receive a tailored, personal solution.


Numbers never come first

It’s about relevance and respect, and this is why our consultants don’t have activity targets.

Our only measure is quality. So when we call you, there is a very good reason to take the call. When we’re meeting you for a coffee, it’s to benefit you. And when we send you an email, it could be the beginning of something exciting.



Honesty enables progress

Not every business is 'rapidly-growing', not every opportunity is 'exciting', but when we say they are, we mean it.

Open and honest communication is at the foundation of our service, and it's how we build lasting relationships. This is quality consultation, not vacancy matching, so if you just want a transactional recruiter, it's not us.




Outsiders with inside knowledge

Years of immersing ourselves in your industry underpins every piece of advice we give and every choice we make.

Behind each new job is a decision. While this can be easy, sometimes knowing the right course to take can be tough. However, our perspectives and insights from both sides of the hiring process can bring clarity to your decisions.



How we support your search

Hidden value

There’s what you see, and there’s what you don’t. Throughout the process, we like to keep things this way as it means you can focus on the things that matter. But behind your candidate journey, there is a lot of meaningful work that gets you to the finish line.

How we support your search

Introductions versus vacancies

There doesn’t have to be a live vacancy to have a conversation. Discreet introductions to targeted employers can, in many ways, open more doors. A mutual investment of each other’s time allows us to really understand who the best organisations are for you.

How we support your search

No borders, no limits

With a global client portfolio and a history of cross-border placements, we’ve become adept at providing advice on how you can grow your career internationally and what you need to consider when relocating.

How we support your search

Meaningful introductions

An introduction isn’t just emailing your CV - making a meaningful introduction is essential to the success of your application. We’re here to make sure your CV is seen, to alleviate the hiring manager’s concerns, and secure you a seat at the hiring table.

How we support your search

Finer details

Small details matter to us, and it’s our job to identify what these are for you. For example, interviews may not be your strong point, but we do everything we can to ensure you’re prepared. And even if you get a 'no', we’ll ensure you get the feedback you need to make the next one a 'yes'.

How we support your search

The finish line

Our knowledge of the market and salary benchmarking enables us to understand what works for both parties. This puts us in a strong position to manage salary negotiations and secure you the best package possible.

How we support your search

Your investment is our investment

Your investment of time to the recruitment process is reciprocated by us. Our job is not done until we get you a successful outcome.

Audit & Accounts Manager

"I received a fantastic level of service. Harvey John really cared about what I was looking for and helped me to find it. They listened to me, and offered great advice along the way."

Legal Counsel

"After 6 years in my previous company, and an initial reluctance to move roles, I met Hayley. She was the first recruitment agent that I have met who took the time to understand my strengths, weaknesses and future career and personal ambitions. I am now happily in my new role with my wonderful new company which is a perfect fit for me and I cannot recommend Hayley enough for getting me to this point. I will never use another recruiter and I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to move to a new in-house role."

Accounts Assistant

"I had an extremely positive experience working with Georgina at Harvey John. Professional, friendly and efficient Georgina was always a pleasure to deal with, keeping me informed about potential roles and always providing honest feedback about the position. I am now in a role that suits me. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you Georgina!"

Senior Finance Assistant

"Callum has been absolutely fantastic! At the beginning of January 2022 I was in the process of looking for a new role and had mixed results before speaking with Callum. I immediately noticed his personal approach and support throughout the entire recruitment process and within a week he was able to secure me a first interview with a company, followed by a second interview and then I was offered the role which I duly accepted. I cannot thank Callum enough. and would highly recommend him to anyone."

Tax Trainee

"My experience with recruiters before Claire had really been when I’d just graduated. Most recruiters overpromised and under-delivered, didn’t bother with you because they’d obviously found someone more interesting, or just ignored what you were saying and tried to ‘fit a square peg in a round hole’. So you can imagine that I had been very apprehensive speaking about with any other recruiter following this. But this time, I needn’t have worried. Claire is incredibly personable and caring, with an amazing aptitude for finding the right fit for you. She’s the first recruiter I’ve dealt with since I started full-time work who truly listens to what you’re saying and actually sticks to her promises. She has attention to detail and really wants the best for you. Couldn’t recommend more."

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