Treasury Market Report Q2 2022

Jun 29, 2022 - Tax Market Report, Industry Insights


As we approach the summer, levels of treasury recruitment remain high, with Harvey John seeing a further increase of 42.9% in the number of treasury jobs being recruited over the past quarter. Having initially seen an increased appetite to recruit following last summer’s return to the office, this is now the third consecutive quarter that the number of treasury jobs being recruited has increased.

Job opportunities have been spread across various industry sectors, with the non-bank financial services sector remaining particularly buoyant. And although levels of permanent recruitment have remained high, Harvey John has seen a significant increase in the number of interim treasury jobs being recruited (60% of treasury vacancies were recruited on an interim basis during Q2) as companies desperately try to get people through the door ahead of the summer holidays.

The increased urgency to recruit has resulted in many candidates having had opportunities to pursue multiple job opportunities, with some receiving multiple job offers, and streamlined recruitment processes becoming commonplace to secure the best talent. This demand to secure good talent and increased choice for candidates has also started to drive salaries upwards in recent months.

Treasury recruitment is likely to slow a little as we approach the summer holidays, as was the case during the Christmas, Easter and Half Term holidays, with many people desperate to take time out and catch up on missed holidays; but we expect activity to return to current levels as we move into September.

Most companies have now fully adopted hybrid working, with the majority of employees back in the office 2-3 days each week. We are however likely to see many companies pushing to increase time in the office following the summer holiday period. Having said this, hybrid working has been proven to work and is now expected.


Guy Middleton is a Treasury Associate Director at Harvey John.

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